About us

We are the OpenPixel team, a collaborative architectural and interior design studio which is always kept on designing the best solutions for our clients. We think quality doesn't lay in the number of people that form a team but in the results, we get when we put our minds together.


Here at Open Pixel, you will find a young team of open-minded architects who like to experiment, who are open to innovation and to learning something new from each client that steps foot into our office.


One look in our portfolio and you will see that we design everything with the same care and attention: from small pieces of custom furniture to collective housings, hotels and large-scale commercial spaces.



Our Team.

Andrei Coman Profile Picture.jpg
Andrei Coman



The head of the operations

Catalin Mihai Caragea




The captain of the ship


Georgiana Ovezea

Interior Architect

Makes you feel like home

Alexandru Roates

Interior Architect

The soul behind each project

alb negru.png
Elena Mihaela Ciobanu


Always opens the pixel

Alexandru Zaharia


The true image of the eye